During my travels, one item is never missing: my camera. Besides writing about my experiences and telling stories, I like to take a visual impression with me from the places I’ve been to. Instead of buying expensive goodies and filling my luggage with all the small and big things, you can buy at tourist shops, I’d rather take some pictures and show people my personal view of the area. Each country and city, each area and place has their beauty and the view always depends on personal attitudes. The pictures shall represent my vision of a place and hopefully give you an impression of what I’ve seen in places.

Even though, some pictures also include people and myself, I usually prefer to go out and get a glimpse of nature, their structures or buildings and busy cities. Finding a different account to typical perspectives and looking for a detail that makes the moment or the place special is what I want to frame with my photography.

If you have any queries or are looking for a photographer for your special occasion, just send me message!